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  • Cancer february astrology kelley rosano.

Remember the saying about he who has never sinned cast the first stone and no one did? On a more mundane level, humanity has cleaned the plastic out of the ocean or began this process. Neptune rules the ocean and Saturn rules commerce and business. European countries such as France banned plastic bags, utensils, and hopefully straws. Other countries are to follow with bans on plastic bottles, bags, and other junk that ends up in the ocean. We are reaping the punishment of living destructively on the planet when we find microplastic in our sea salt and other foods we harvest from the sea.

In fact, Saturn reminds us that the bubble of commerce illusion we have resided in can no longer exist without consequences. In , Saturn and Neptune will remain in orb of each other in January, the same month we experience the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 degrees Capricorn. This is powerful stuff!

And while that's happening, Uranus in Taurus is in orb with Jupiter in Capricorn.

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We truly reap the seeds we have sown both good and to our detriment. If humanity is ripe to learn about living in harmony with Gaia, November through January would take us into a new age. You don't need to believe in astrology or even follow the transits to have the planet signatures shape your life.

It's just that having the tools and the knowledge prevents mental breakdown or emotional meltdowns. Neptune both destroys and creates illusions. Saturn teaches us wisdom through failures and successes, but mainly through failure. Failure is the greatest teacher of all if we have the wisdom to learn from our mistakes!

Now that's Neptune and Saturn in alignment at work. For anyone who feels that she has not gotten it right yet, don't dismay. We're all riding in the same boat with Neptune and Saturn guiding us to our authentic selves and our true paths. Ride the waves and trust that we will return to the shore. Sign up for a personal astrology reading.

Send me your birthday, time of birth, and location of birth as well as, your current location where you reside. Contact me to schedule and pay here. I mention my monthly specials on Facebook Astrologer Patricia and on my YouTube channel Astrologer Patricia community tab for subscribers. Labels: Saturn sextile Neptune. Labels: Portal , astrological transits , scorpio , Venus in Scorpio , women and Venus.

It could also rock the world in the form of earthquakes because all the personal planets will be in Virgo squaring Jupiter and opposing Neptune. It won't get any more earthy than this New Moon. So, what does this mean for each of the Zodiac Signs? Mutable Signs Virgo- -Nervous energy could cause panic attacks if you don't find a physical outlet to relieve mental energy. Practice yoga, go for a swim, or a hike. Get your body moving.

You'll want to take care of the small details before diving into the bigger picture. However, you are thinking holistically and every area of your life gets a boost from the Virgo energy. Go on a maiden voyage or somewhere in the physical or the mental realms where you have not been before. Just don't get caught up in perfectionism since all of us are already perfect in our imperfections. Pisces --Use this Virgo energy to pay attention to details and for a reality check.

You have drifted out to sea for too long. Come back to the earth and get grounded through meditation and yoga. Dance or playing music will also help you with any stressful situations that surface around the Moon. Make friends with practical people but also own that side of yourself.

You are not a helpless victim but a powerful force. Harness your dreams to Neptune and adopt the optimistic attitude of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Realize your dreams by combining manifestation with physical effort. Sagittarius-- Virgo energy feels too critical and scathing to you. You talk about your dreams and the Virgo people crush those dreams. But we still need your optimism to help us from falling into the trap of analysis paralysis.


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Remind us what it means to live an unexamined life and to live our lives on our own terms. Jupiter squares Neptune but this just takes you into deeper cosmic territory. Go where no Sagittarius has gone before. I know, that's a tall order. Gemini --Even though Virgo energy squares your sign, you both share rulership with Mercury.

Use this energy to edit or perfect projects. Use this energy to promote a book or give a lecture. Use this energy to pitch projects that involve writing and speaking. Just like Virgo people, you'll need a physical outlet to release tension. You might find this Virgo New Moon brings on panic attacks and digestion upset. Go easy on foods that might cause you allergies and stick to a bland diet for at least two weeks. You're feeling extremely emotional but with so many planets in the Earth element find ways to ground yourself.

Like Virgo and Gemini, exercise is going to help you stay in balance. Hang out near the sea for the best results. And listen to the songs of whales.

September, 12222, Cancer monthly horoscope

Animals especially require your loving attention. Capricorn --You earthy goats will experience a financial boost or windfall when you take your eyes off your bank accounts. When you stop looking for work, employment finds you and in unexpected ways. You've been too hard on yourself and have spun on the wheel of perfectionism and or whipped yourself for too long.

I have an image of the famous saint whipping himself. The Universe wants to bless you but it's going to wait for an unexpected moment and surprise you. If you're looking for a loving partner, make room in your life for him or her to enter. You deserve love.

We all do. Libra --All of the personal planets are hanging out in the unseen realm of your 12th House. If you want to unlock the magic of those planets, it's time to go on a spiritual retreat or at least take a meditation workshop.

Major planetary events this week are:

Take a break from pleasing everyone else or becoming hypercritical due to resentment that has built up. Forgiveness is a verb as much as a noun. Through the act of forgiving others and forgiving yourself, you discover a whole new world as you give birth to a new you during the Libra New Moon a month away. Aries --You rebel against the earthy energy.