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How interesting. I don't really believe in zodiac compatibility. I think mutual understanding is important, regardless of the signs. But sure, why not. And we click like two parts of a puzzle.

Sagi Cap cusp and Leo Virgo cusp almost perfect? - dxpnet

So maybe you're right. Thank you. Also I been talking to this Leo Virgo cusp. Her b-day is augest It seem like I know her over 20 years.


I hope everything goes well I HOPE!! Aquarius Moon Sagittarius Rising. She is a very funny person This may leave you thinking these folks are a bundle of contradictions, but that just adds to the mystery!

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One challenge for this cusp is the combination of lightness and intensity. On on hand, this cusp prioritizes harmony, but they place an equally emphasis on honesty and depth. It can be hard for them to decide if they just want to keep the peace or would rather shock those around them with their powerful truths. As a lover, these cusps are likely to be very devoted and want to be in it for the long haul.

They have a deep desire for commitment and intimacy.

Libra-Scorpio cusps are very romantic and sexual, so they pair best with those who like to spend a lot of time and energy enjoying and honoring their partner. Well this is an exciting and interesting mix! Scorpio and Sagittarius are both passionate signs, so this is a cusp with some heat. These folks do well in committed relationships that allow room for adventure! They can be fervent believers in what is most important to them, and have a dislike of apathy, so they do really well with a partners who shares their core beliefs and wants to build a life around them.

Among their strengths are good-humoredness and open-mindedness. The challenges are a tendency to be secretive and quite blunt in their delivery.

Cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn - LOVE LIFE

If that works well for you, these cusps will make for an exciting, passionate and thought-provoking mate. They combine the seer with the hard-working manifestor who can make it all happen! If you are dating someone on this cusp, you may be confused by their pacing, sometimes wanting to be super spontaneous and do everything quickly, while just as often being quite driven toward thinking of the long-term while going slowly and steadily.

They are likely to be responsible, outgoing, and funny, making them great partners, especially for those who love to travel and are success-driven. They are drawn to lovers who are living for a higher ideal and will do what it takes to accomplish their dreams.


Does Being Born on the Cusp Affect Astrological Compatibility?

To woo them, a luxe vacation to an intellectually stimulating or spiritual location would be a big one! These cusps folks are have a wide range of expression! Some flash their original and rebellious Aquarian side while others appear more conservation on the outside with the Capricorn shining through. These folks have high standards, a strong work ethic, and a serious nature.

While not the most classically romantic combination, what this cusp offers is a driven, intelligent, and cool-under-pressure person. If you want to build your empire with your lover, these folks are good candidates! They are highly focused, smart, and quote loyal when you challenge them and keep them interested. They are best paired with those who are strong, unique, and have their own eccentric side, as well as those who lean more toward the romantic and can remind them of that side of life. The Aquarius-Pisces cusp combines the wit and eccentricity of Aquarius with the dreamy, poetic nature of Pisces.

These folks are natural artists and may write you a love song or poem! While you may need to take the lead in pursuing those on this cusp, you will be rewarded with an intriguing and romantic lover. Although comfortable in a risks, the pair will have to recognize limitations and draw up boundaries that they must not overstep. Competition here is generally positive in nature, impelling mutual efforts forward.

In the professional sphere, Leo Bs and Sagittarius-Capricorns can often work side by side for the same end. Their common purpose and feeling for the large line and the dramatic gesture are balanced by strict attention to detail. An important challenge for them will be allowing both partners their own individuals without compromising the interests of the group.

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