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The mission's science objectives are grouped in three distinct priorities.

The "primary objectives" were required; the "secondary objectives" were expected to be met but were not demanded. The "tertiary objectives" were desired. These objectives could have been skipped in favor of the above objectives. An objective to measure any magnetic field of Pluto was dropped. New Horizons had a relative velocity of Starting 3.

This is half the rotation period of the Pluto—Charon system and allowed imaging of all sides of both bodies. Close range imaging was repeated twice per day in order to search for surface changes caused by localized snow fall or surface cryovolcanism. Because of Pluto's tilt, a portion of the northern hemisphere would be in shadow at all times. Meanwhile, Alice characterized the atmosphere, both by emissions of atmospheric molecules airglow , and by dimming of background stars as they pass behind Pluto occultation.

VBSDC searched for dust, inferring meteoroid collision rates and any invisible rings. REX performed active and passive radio science.


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The communications dish on Earth measured the disappearance and reappearance of the radio occultation signal as the probe flew by behind Pluto. The results resolved Pluto's diameter by their timing and atmospheric density and composition by their weakening and strengthening pattern. Alice can perform similar occultations, using sunlight instead of radio beacons. Previous missions had the spacecraft transmit through the atmosphere, to Earth "downlink". Pluto's mass and mass distribution were evaluated by the gravitational tug on the spacecraft.

As the spacecraft speeds up and slows down, the radio signal exhibited a Doppler shift. The Doppler shift was measured by comparison with the ultrastable oscillator in the communications electronics. Reflected sunlight from Charon allowed some imaging observations of the nightside. Backlighting by the Sun gave an opportunity to highlight any rings or atmospheric hazes. REX performed radiometry of the nightside.

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Estimates for the dimensions of these bodies are: Nix at Initial predictions envisioned Kerberos as a relatively large and massive object whose dark surface led to it having a faint reflection. Soon after the Pluto flyby, in July , New Horizons reported that the spacecraft was healthy, its flight path was within the margins, and science data of the Pluto—Charon system had been recorded. By March 30, , New Horizons had reached the halfway point of transmitting this data.

The New Horizons team requested, and received, a mission extension through to explore additional Kuiper belt objects KBOs. Funding was secured on July 1, However, despite the large population of KBOs, many factors limited the number of possible targets. Because the flight path was determined by the Pluto flyby, and the probe only had 33 kilograms of hydrazine propellant remaining, the object to be visited needed to be within a cone of less than a degree's width extending from Pluto.

In , mission scientists started a dedicated search for suitable KBOs using ground telescopes. Large ground telescopes with wide-field cameras, notably the twin 6. By participating in a citizen-science project called Ice Hunters , the public helped to scan telescopic images for possible suitable mission candidates. On October 15, , it was revealed that Hubble's search had uncovered three potential targets, [] [] [] [] [] temporarily designated PT1 "potential target 1" , PT2 and PT3 by the New Horizons team.


Each were at distances from the Sun of ranging from 43 to 44 AU, which would put the encounters in the — period. PT1 given the temporary designation "Y" on the HST web site [] , the most favorably situated object, has a magnitude of A mission to PT3 was in some ways preferable, in that it is brighter and therefore probably larger than PT1, but the greater fuel requirements to reach it would have left less for maneuvering and unforeseen events.

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By the fall of , a possible fourth target, MT 69 , had been eliminated by follow-up observations. PT2 was out of the running before the Pluto flyby.

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The necessary course adjustment was performed with four engine firings between October 22 and November 4, Aside from its flyby of MU 69 , the extended mission for New Horizons calls for the spacecraft to conduct observations of, and look for ring systems around, between 25 and 35 different KBOs. Science objectives of the flyby included characterizing the geology and morphology of MU 69 nicknamed "Ultima Thule" , [] [] and mapping the surface composition by searching for ammonia, carbon monoxide, methane, and water ice.

Searches will be conducted for orbiting moonlets, a coma, rings, and the surrounding environment. The new mission began on October 22, , when New Horizons carried out the first in a series of four initial targeting maneuvers designed to send it toward MU The remaining three targeting maneuvers took place on October 25, October 28, and November 4, The official approach phase began on August 16, , and continued through December 24, At that time, MU 69 was visible at magnitude 20, against a crowded stellar background in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius.

The Core phase began a week before the encounter, and continued for two days after the encounter. After the encounter, preliminary, high-priority data was sent to Earth on January 1 and 2, On January 9, New Horizons returned to a spin-stabilized mode, to prepare to send the remainder of its data back to Earth.

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After the spacecraft's passage by MU 69 , the instrument continues to have sufficient power to be operational until the s. Team leader Alan Stern stated the potential for a third flyby in the s at the outer edges of the Kuiper belt. In addition, New Horizons may take a picture of Earth from its distance in the Kuiper belt, but only after completing all planned KBO flybys. New Horizons has been called "the fastest spacecraft ever launched" [10] because it left Earth at However, it is not the fastest spacecraft to leave the Solar System.

New Horizons ' Star 48B third stage is also on a hyperbolic escape trajectory from the Solar System, and reached Jupiter before the New Horizons spacecraft; it was expected to cross Pluto's orbit on October 15, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the space probe.

For other uses, see New Horizons disambiguation. First mission of the New Frontiers program; flyby reconnaissance of the dwarf planet Pluto. New Frontiers program. Main article: Exploration of Pluto. Main article: Long Range Reconnaissance Imager. Main article: Alice spacecraft instrument. Main article: Ralph New Horizons. Launch of New Horizons. The Atlas V rocket on the launchpad left and lift off from Cape Canaveral. Main article: Exploration of Jupiter. Jovian moons imaged by New Horizons. Io imaged on February 28, Europa imaged on February 27, , from a distance of 3.

Ganymede imaged on February 27, , from a distance of 3. Callisto imaged on February 27, , from a distance of 4. Pluto's "encounter hemisphere" viewed by New Horizons on July 13, Play media. Satellites of Pluto imaged by New Horizons.

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Extended mission imaging targets. Spacecraft Event Time is calculated by subtracting the one-way light-travel time 5 hours, 38 minutes, 38 seconds from Earth-received time. Relative to the Earth this is just The total speed needed is the square root of the sum of the squares of these two speeds. International Launch Services. January 16, February 25, Scientific American.

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