Sagittarius march love horoscope

Sagittarius Home and Family Horoscope. Neptune remains in your home and family sector all year, and you can continue to focus on improving your spiritual connections with your family and your home base.

Sagittarius March Love 2019

You want a home base that fulfills you spiritually and allows you to tend to your soul needs, and you can be more compassionate, understanding, empathic, and sacrificing with your family. Mercury retrogrades in this sector in March, and you may experience issues at home or with family that need to be addressed, and they can be minor things like a broken pipe or something larger. Try to trust your instincts with figuring out how to deal with it. Mars is in the sector ruling your children to start the year to mid-February, and Uranus is in this sector until March, so if you have children, they may require more of your attention at the start of the year.

They may get recognition for something, need your help with something, or act more rebelliously and require more patience from you.

Sagittarius Mental State Horoscope. A lunar eclipse occurs in the sector ruling your higher mind January 21st, and this can be a good time to focus on finishing learning something, or finishing teaching something, or finishing writing or speaking about something. Mercury retrogrades in this sector the first half of July, and you may feel like you need to go back and go over something you may have missed, and it might be a good time to consider going back to school or re-taking a course in something.

Mars is in this sector July through mid-August, and you can have more energy and drive for expanding your mind and having new experiences that you can learn from coming out of the retrograde. You can be more optimistic and focus on the bright side of life. Mercury retrogrades in the sector ruling your subconscious mind the first half of November, and this may bring out some subconscious issues, motivations, or desires that you need to address, some baggage you need to let go of, or some past issues that require more attention.

Sagittarius General Horoscope. With Jupiter, you can be more optimistic, open to opportunities, create opportunities for yourself, and believe anything in possible. For all other Centaurs 17 May until the end of June can feel a restrictive time with both finances and relationships and is your most testing period.


Sagittarius Monthly Love And Relationship Horoscope

Venus is also a major player here as she governs the money that passes through our hands. Partnerships are where some increase comes to you this year. With Venus moving into a retrograde phase May and June though can involve legal negotiations with the chance to cease a partnership or close off a debt in some way. This is an important area this year because of the extended stay of Venus, the planet that governs relating to other people, in your relationship sign of Gemini from April until August. Relationships in general can go through a growth phase and some will receive gifts and even rewards from those they meet.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 12222 Love Guide for Sagittarius

Late June into early August is such a time. Jupiter is in your career sector until late September. The first 4 months is the time to put a new structure into place, and some may even find they are learning a new skill in this time. From May until the end of September is when you make some progress.

Your body parts are the pelvic region and upper leg and for those who play sport be aware that you could overstrain or even damage these areas in March or June if you approach physical activity with your normal gusto. Some may even need corrective surgery on these body parts. You may also suffer from digestive complaints, and sugar will be what you need to cut back on. Some people may find you a little scary as far as conversations are concerned. On the up side, there are those who find this kind of intense probing very sexy. Libra is probably one of the best signs to sit down and have those heart-to-hearts with.

Happy New Year!

You start out going with the flow and working well with other people. Some of you may even have a career breakthrough and some will develop a taste for the bizarre. The month starts out with you in a great mood, assertive, energetic and ready to take on the world. At this time, most of you will be charming the pants off those around you again. Remember what I told you last month? Well, the same thing goes for this month.

You are able to keep moving ahead and you could get some unexpected help from someone older or someone in authority. That active imagination of yours is even livelier, as if you needed that. Have a good time!

Sagittarius's monthly horoscope for March

Life will probably be no picnic for you. This should be a nice, easy month you most of you. There are just a few days here and there when you might hit some snags. You could also run into problems with your boss or someone older than you are and relationships could be strained. If you just keep your mouth shut and try not to piss anybody off for a few days, tensions should ease quickly and then you can kick back with a cold drink and welcome in the beginning of summer.

You should be able to just kick back on the 4th with friends and family, everything looks pretty quiet.

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After that, things become more complicated. You may come in contact with someone who will bring substantial changes in your life or put you in touch with other people who can cause the change. However, not all the changes are good for you. You will need to analyze whether the change will be good for you in the long run before you decide to go with the flow. You have been eating unhealthy diet for the past few days.

There may also have been frequent dinners outside. Your digestive system is going to suffer today as a result. There may be stomach pain and indigestion. You need to control your diet and increase your water intake in order to recover quickly. You also need to take special care of dental hygiene.