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Its main property is to expand what it touches.

Childrearing is not taken lightly, neither is creativity or romance. I even hemmed and hawed a good deal before deciding to post this rather innocuous admission. Good grief!

When I was about 14 years old, I joined a summer program devoted to putting inner city kids to work doing minor neighborhood repairs, such as painting and simple carpentry. My artistic talents seem to attract attention as well. And there are usually unavoidable conflicts between my need to earn a living and my value system. Physical challenges related to Gemini have also made it difficult to work in recent years. A Libra Sun surely would be uncomfortable being in charge.

I notice a pattern, my SS are centered on two planets— Moon and Pluto. My Moon and Pluto are actually opposite each other with Pluto in the 8th house and Moon in the 2nd house but a degree away from being in the 3rd house. The energy is not straightforward, not obvious and hard like the square, nor smooth like the trine. The energy moves straight, meets a bump, moves down, meets another bump, then moves towards the other planet.

Pluto and Mars. Pisces is not as directly forceful as Scorpio where my Pluto is in , yet I want what I want. Just that my general feeling is that it is an aspect that creates awkwardness, like a gangly youth with all limbs and little control motor-skills wise— all bumps and knobs that somehow we need to learn how to grow into through trial and error, or through wisdom that hopefully comes with age and maturity. I very much like your summaries, Heidi, which I highlighted in bold type.


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The part about the shape of the glyph, especially—it goes to sacred geometry, that shapes have meaning and emotional impact. After a while, you get more of a sense of what they are trying to convey. I have a similar configuration as Molly. I will say that the sesquisquadrate is probably the most powerfully influential aspect in my chart.

It was like I was forced into hibernation.

Like Molly mentioned, sesquiquadrates and semisquares for that matter seem to be extremely powerful. Again, maybe the ease is mitigated by the element. Excellent point, Jason. But if mercury were at 16 Gemini, then the sesqui would be at 1 Scorpio, air and water mixed.

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That Merc sesqui Jupiter reveals itself when I say something perfectly innocent and well-meaning, and somehow discover both feet stuffed in my mouth. For instance, this morning I heard a weird noise coming from the kitchen, I called to ask my husband what it was.

That Sag tries for deeper philosophical understanding, and since there is none I completely miss the simplicity boat, and that can piss the punner off.

I was only five years old, but Ruby flew into a rage, believing that I was deliberately ratting her out and then pretending not to understand her just to further mess with her head. That Mars sesqui Uranus gives me a weird, wacky sense of humor as well as a super-optimistic outlook on life that some might think hovers on the manic borderline.

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I adore the career s that chose me: Astrologer and screenwriter. I see clients in my home Cancer and work on my computer Uranus out of my home office. The scripts I write are exclusively comedic romantic fantasies and sci fi, with highly developed characters and wacky situations ranging from extreme to outrageous. I love my life, my work, my husband, my cat. And you, Donna. Thanks for all you do. This is really interesting. Thanks to these articles, my unaspected Venus suddenly has three or four aspects.

I have four ss. Jupiter is very strong in my chart — a focal planet of a kite. Makes it hard to see how the energies of the smaller asp plays out. I wonder if the Saturn-MC can explain my off-timing. I seem to be out of sync a lot of times. And I have to work very hard — nothing comes easy.

The only other asp to the ASC is a con with the pars of fortune …. That Mars is a mousy one. I find so many good things to work with from the comment section — so thanks to everyone! Most are exact or less than 1 arc, as well as the squares involved. I realize that may sound a bit extreme, though they actually flow together making tight connections throughout my chart. This is an enormous amount of pressure applied on my Sun, Mercury, and Pluto!

Further, and key to the show is Aries Venus, who is Rx conjunct Aries SN who is also conjunct the IC from the 3rd house side, and also conjunct Chiron who is conjunct IC from the 4th house side hopefully you follow how it connects energy wise in the story. I was deeply wounded though unaware, I just felt so unloved and unaccepted Venus Rx-Chiron-IC When Neptune began crossing my Asc age 11 I began running away looking to fill the void and desiring to save all the other wounded lost souls from the hell I knew. I was so bold and fearless, you just could not tell me nothing! I dropped out of the 8th grade, and literally lived on the streets.

I meet so many other people, all throughout the various cultures and neighborhoods I explored seeking new experiences and friends, which I spent time living with thus learned about…from asian, hispanic, black, white…christian, jew, catholic, buddhist, muslim, even atheist—you name it! It were as if 3rd Pisces and 9th Libra Pluto forced me to cross various cultural and religious boundaries, which actually ended up giving me a lot of existential shocks.

I also spent years in the underground club and strip bar scene. I have actually come to attribute this part of my past story with the SS aspects in my chart. Thus I was spared from a much worse and more intense possibilty.

astrology sesquiquadrate meaning

While it was surely enough to get my attention and facilitated the needed adjustments realted to the SS aspects. I was given a fresh slate…transformed perception, like a different mind, or awareness. I have since set my aims towards actually making a more positive and productive difference in the world through pursuing a more Libra and 9th house approach, and have since realized I must heal and save myself before I can try to save others.

Who knows? Hi Donna, First of all apologies as this has become a Neptune …. As anyone who has this aspect can tell you, everyone projects onto you. Hardly, the first bloom of youth is it? Recently she asked if she could babysit my kids!

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Honestly I could elaborate this but wont as its just too weird. And yes my transsexual neighbour has reached the same conclusion……she says I must dye my hair blond again…LOL! This is a glib if extreme example but remains an enduring relationship model, no-one has ever forgiven me for letting them down. Maybe this the twist in the Sesquiquadrate!!! Yet she told me quite categorically that should I ever need a job she would employ me immediately! I was bemused and flattered as at the time I was a computer programmer, a job I stayed at because it suits my Virgo MC and I still work in computing, albeit in a different role.


For me this story summarises my life in a way, a strong Neptune needs a lot of Saturn, mine is in Capricorn. Not that I have a judgement about it, it just want for me. And all you have to do with Saturn is make sure you work at some boring job to be rewarded by a decent enough life boring as hell though!